Guy Riordan Speaks: Facts about Kayaking

Guy Riordan Speaks: Facts about Kayaking

Outdoor Adventures | April, 25, 2011 | by Guy Riordan

New Mexico offers a dream destination for experienced kayaking enthusiasts, according to Guy Riordan. Guy Riordan is an avid outdoorsman who has appeared on television shows and at one time owned a gaming preserve along the Rio Grande River. “Our rivers rely upon melting snow coming out of the mountains,” points out Guy Riordan. And these conditions of melting snow and mountains make for a mix of great kayaking, says Guy Riordan.

“It’s important that an individual knows and is honest about their experience level when choosing a waterway for kayaking,” explains Guy Riordan. According to the self-proclaimed kayaking enthusiast the different waterways, streams and tributaries “provide a different experience every time.” The experience level of the kayaker is foundational to which water experience is being chosen, notes Guy Riordan. “You may not want to kayak the Rio Grande Gorge for your second kayaking experience,” cautions Guy Riordan. An individual new to kayaking may find it better to choose the Rio Chama, “since the dam controlled waters offer a smoother, gentler ride,” explains Guy Riordan.

Outfitters with guided tours are fundamental depending upon experience both personally and with each particular flowing body of water. Guy Riordan further explains, “Outfitters know that particular tributary, stream, white water. They can offer cautions concerning more difficult rapids and offer advice on how to deal with more challenging moments.” In addition, a guide offers vast experience in general that can be life saving and valuable for a boater at any level of experience, states Guy Riordan. “An outfitter who, let’s say, has navigated waters in many different location many different times can offer a boater tips, tricks, and techniques that work in general,” comments Guy Riordan.

“Not knowing how to handle ‘the box’ is detrimental to a successful kayaking experience,” warns Guy Riordan. The box that Guy Riordan is referring to is a section of waterway that combines rapid moving water through a narrow passageway of steep canyon walls. “You know when you are in a box, no matter how long it is, because you feel like it is totally impossible to pass,” explains Guy Riordan. According to Guy Riordan, the box has been compared to “a wash cycle in a washing machine, as it throws a boater or kayaker back and forth.” An experienced outfitter or guide can lead and advise boaters on how to best handle the boxes along their certain path, states Guy Riordan.

“I love to kayak,” says Guy Riordan. “The challenge and reward are outstanding.” “However, I know my limitations and I know to consult the expertise of a guide when needed. Those two things are crucial to a safe and fun experience,” concludes Guy Riordan.

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